We love to make and tinker. This is our Hall of Fame.

3D Printing Challenge- Kitchen Item

Students had to design their own item to be used in the kitchen. Some of the items made included: masher, double-deck dish, ice pop form, whisk, and more. Student body voted on their favorite.

Penny Floor Template

The students at NCS were a huge part of making a penny floor at a local youth center called The Refuge.
After making a template with our Cricut Machine and chipboard, we made a few hundred tiles. Those tiles got glued, grouted, and glossed for an amazing art room. 

Family Make Night – Cookie Cutters

One of our favorite things to do is involved the community in making. Who doesn’t like cookies? Cookies and 3D Printing? Sure. The goal of the class was to design your own cookie cutter using Cookie Caster.
The cookie cutters were then printed out using our Printrbot 3D Printers here at school. We even had a school competition. 

NASA Challenge – Cereal Mixer

This one was so much fun. Hugh (’16) created a cereal mixer for the Future Engineers NASA Challenge. The idea was to put cereal in one chamber and milk in the other. Press the plunger rod on each side. Both things will mix in the large chamber and you can put your mouth around the opening. Enjoy!

Hack a 3D Design – Klöts

This challenge involved taking something already designed and hack it. Students had to modify the object but still keep its original purpose. Abbey (’17) crushed this one by making Klöts for her shoes with spikes on the ends.

Cold Brew Coffee – Arduino

We love coffee. Rule #1… it must be strong. Slow dripped cold brew coffee hits the spot. The kids (mostly Mia – 2017) wanted our theme to be steampunk. So we collected a bunch of metal junk and started to set up the frame. The guts of the project is an Arduino running a simple program written by Luke (’16). The Arduino controls a solenoid valve that can be customized. The options of length of time valve is open and how often the valve opens determines your coffee strength. 24 hours makes a beautiful coffee. We have been making about 2 gallons at a time. Want some? We can make it for you.