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This product, Honeycomb Drawer Organizer, is a product made by the company Whitmore. This product is used for smaller items in drawers such as socks, ties, or any small clothing items. Personally, I did not try non-clothing items, but I believe that these organizers would function just as well either way. Overall, this organizer accomplishes its goal, but in the end, it could use some major improvement.

This picture is the assembled product in one of my sock drawers

One of the bright sides of this product was its packaging and its ease when it comes to the assembly and use of it. The packaging stood out on the shelves. It had a clean look that caught my eyes, and it also contained almost all the needed information. It was very specific on the measurement of the product as well as how to configure it. The product’s casing also shows an accurate and appealing picture of the product in use.

This is the original packaging of the product

One plus to this product is the fact that you can buy as many packages as you need to fill up a drawer. These packages contain eight pieces (according to the packaging); and these pieces are linked together using the small clamps on the pieces. If one package could not fill up the drawer, then you could simply buy another package and extend it to fit the drawer.

One extreme negative was the false advertising on the box. I am not sure if the box was mislabeled or if my package was faulty, but instead of receiving eight pieces, I only received seven pieces. I hope that not everyone is cheated out of a piece of this product, but it was disappointing to not receive all that I was expecting from this product.

These are the seven pieces I did receive 

The product was fairly effective at achieving the purpose of organizing my smaller clothing pieces. For all the socks and ties that I put in this product, it was very neat and easy to find what I was looking for. One negative, however, was the size. The product worked well on some of my smaller socks, but some of my longer socks (like basketball socks) could not fit into the organizer without completely forcing them down in. Also, it would not work for some more necessary drawers of mine that need to be organized like my shirt drawer. This would not be a problem, but, where I bought this product there was only one size available. 

One creative use for this product was its use as a shelf. I used a nail to hang it on the wall. The comb-like shape of the organizer acts as a perfect series of shelves that looks very creative and neat.

This is the product after I used a nail to mount it on the wall

Overall, I recommend this product to whoever has trouble with organizing small clothes items. Personally, over time, my drawers tend to become very untidy and this was very effective at keeping especially my sock drawer neat.

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