PowerUp 3.0 by Emma

I am reviewing the PowerUp 3.0 airplane created by PowerUp. The paper airplane is designed to be controlled by your smartphone, with over 200 feet of control range. The kit is fairly simple to assemble by folding the paper and downloading an app. The tricky part comes in learning the skills to fly your airplane. I had so much fun experimenting with this airplane, and I hope the review is helpful.

The PowerUp 3.0 had great packaging. It was very unique in the way it displayed the plane’s carbon body. The box did not feel cheap or flimsy, but felt durable. The display would definitely catch my eye in a store. My only complaint for the packaging would be the zip ties that held the plane’s body in place. They were hard to cut out and awkward while you tried to not damage the body. The zip ties were not necessary since retractable clips already secured it.

PowerUp did extremely well with communicating their instructions. They were included in the package, on an app, and in a personal email. The paper instructions were very clearly understood and even gave “pro tips” for even better results. These instructions were thoroughly given in English, Dutch, French, and Spanish. The paper also included several barcodes, which were quick shortcuts to video instructions. 

PowerUp also directed me to an app called PowerUp 3.0/Dart. This was very helpful in video presentation. It thoroughly went through all the steps for you to have the best experience possible. These videos were extremely helpful in explaining how to fold the plane correctly. How many companies give you video presentations instead of just confusing instruction manuals? I have no complaints with this aspect of the product.

I had a very positive experience with the PowerUp 3.0. It was difficult to control, but experimenting on ways to improve the flights made the product enjoyable. The longest assembling process was folding the plane. This was not complicated since I followed the video tutorial provided. Flying the plane was tricky for me because of how the app was set up. I had to hold the throttle in with one finger, throw the airplane with the other hand, and then steer the plane with the left and right buttons. This process would not have been as complicated if I did not have to press left or right each time I wanted to shift it. It would have been much easier to have sliding arrows. Although the steering was difficult, I enjoyed making adjustments and seeing how well I could make the plane work.

This product is practical for educational purposes. It is designed for STEM learning in evaluating and improving. The skill of evaluating, or finding the issue, is very crucial to many life situations. Once the problem is found, a plan of improvement is needed. The PowerUp 3.0 is designed to learn problem assessment and solving.

Below is a list of pros and cons to summarize my opinion of the product and to help answer any doubts or expectations that you have. 


  • Clear instructions
  • Free app and video demonstrations
  • 2 sets of paper in case of mistakes in folding
  • Protection buffer for the nose dives


  • Extremely precise paper folding required
  • Paper may get bent
  • Price $50.00
  • Difficult to fly

In conclusion, PowerUp did a splendid job in the creation of this product. I admire the idea of a technology-flown paper airplane. The technology takes paper airplanes to a whole new level! Thank you, PowerUp, for allowing me to review your product.

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