Nostalgia’s Retro Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster – Justin R.

Today, I will be reviewing Nostalgia’s Retro Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster.  This toaster came in a very bright and pleasant looking box. As soon as I saw the box I knew this product was the right one for me.  

Inside the box there is the toaster, an instruction manual, and a pair of tongs.  I was not expecting the tongs, but they were a nice surprise because they come in handy when you take the dogs out.  The instructions are very clear. Toasting the hotdogs is a very simple operation. Overall the toaster looks outstanding.  There are two color options: the red which is shown and a light teal. This retro look of this toaster is really awesome and would look great in any kitchen.   

The toaster has two neat features.  It has different cooking levels. It is neat that you are able to control how done your doggies are.  On the bottom 0f a toaster is a crumb collector. This is useful because it collects the leftover crumbs and juices of the hotdog instead of them burning and letting off a nasty smell.

There are three steps in the toasting process.  Stick your buns in. Stick your doggies in. Push down on the handle.  Then whalla your hot dog is toasting. When I hear that the buns got toasted as well I was very excited.  The toasted buns are an awesome part of this toaster, and I think the bun toasted buns is what makes this product special.

The toasting process is very short and convenient.  At level 1 it takes under a minute, and at level 5 it takes just under 4 minutes.  It makes some noises later in the toasting process. At first I was a little concerned, but then I saw the steam rise and heard the most satisfying sizzle.

 The final product.  While the hot dogs cooked from this toaster are not the best hotdogs ever, the toaster makes really good hotdogs. The toaster buns are an awesome bonus.  I gave out a bunch of hotdogs cooked in the toaster in my school and the staff and students loved them. I even got two thumbs up from the lunch ladies. After further testing, I find that cooking level 4.75 is the best combination of cooked doggie and toasted bun.

Overall this is a very cool product.  It looks cool and is a quick convenient way to make hotdogs, turkey dogs, sausages and other tubular meats.  While it is cool, I cannot say that this product is a must buy for every kitchen. The hotdogs that it makes are really good, but not out of this world, and this product simply cannot produce hotdogs for a mass quantity, so it would not be useful for something like a cookout.  Where I could see this product being very useful is in college dorms. This offers a low cost cooking utensil that can be used for cheap meals. This is a very cool product. It is a very convenient tool for making hot dogs.

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