Nostalgia’s Retro Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster – Justin R.

Today, I will be reviewing Nostalgia’s Retro Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster.  This toaster came in a very bright and pleasant looking box. As soon as I saw the box I knew this product was the right one for me.  

Inside the box there is the toaster, an instruction manual, and a pair of tongs.  I was not expecting the tongs, but they were a nice surprise because they come in handy when you take the dogs out.  The instructions are very clear. Toasting the hotdogs is a very simple operation. Overall the toaster looks outstanding.  There are two color options: the red which is shown and a light teal. This retro look of this toaster is really awesome and would look great in any kitchen.   

The toaster has two neat features.  It has different cooking levels. It is neat that you are able to control how done your doggies are.  On the bottom 0f a toaster is a crumb collector. This is useful because it collects the leftover crumbs and juices of the hotdog instead of them burning and letting off a nasty smell.

There are three steps in the toasting process.  Stick your buns in. Stick your doggies in. Push down on the handle.  Then whalla your hot dog is toasting. When I hear that the buns got toasted as well I was very excited.  The toasted buns are an awesome part of this toaster, and I think the bun toasted buns is what makes this product special.

The toasting process is very short and convenient.  At level 1 it takes under a minute, and at level 5 it takes just under 4 minutes.  It makes some noises later in the toasting process. At first I was a little concerned, but then I saw the steam rise and heard the most satisfying sizzle.

 The final product.  While the hot dogs cooked from this toaster are not the best hotdogs ever, the toaster makes really good hotdogs. The toaster buns are an awesome bonus.  I gave out a bunch of hotdogs cooked in the toaster in my school and the staff and students loved them. I even got two thumbs up from the lunch ladies. After further testing, I find that cooking level 4.75 is the best combination of cooked doggie and toasted bun.

Overall this is a very cool product.  It looks cool and is a quick convenient way to make hotdogs, turkey dogs, sausages and other tubular meats.  While it is cool, I cannot say that this product is a must buy for every kitchen. The hotdogs that it makes are really good, but not out of this world, and this product simply cannot produce hotdogs for a mass quantity, so it would not be useful for something like a cookout.  Where I could see this product being very useful is in college dorms. This offers a low cost cooking utensil that can be used for cheap meals. This is a very cool product. It is a very convenient tool for making hot dogs.

Drone-Clone Xperts – Justin M.

PACKAGING: Drone-Clone Xperts did an outstanding job with the packaging of this item. Once the drone arrived, I received a nice case built out of a nice material that included the drone, the controller for the drone, batteries, a charging cable, and extra propellers in case some get damaged. The inside of the case was very supreme. It had a protective layer of soft foam surrounding the drone and the controller so that both of the items would take zero damage during shipment. When I opened the case, there was indeed zero damage taken on the drone and the controller. I was very happy.

DRONE: The drone is very unique. It has several epic qualities. One of these qualities is that there is an app you can download on your phone called the JY UFO APP. Through this app, you can calibrate your drone with ease, and you can view what the front of the drone is seeing through a camera on the drone which is casting a 120-degree ultra-wide-angle 720P HD video for you to view through the JY UFO APP. The drone has one key take-off & auto-return home meaning with the press of one button, the intelligent drone will take-off and land automatically until you can master the drone’s controls and control it with precision. The drone can achieve a 360-degree flip. The drone has altitude hold which means you can lock in the height and location of the drone which enables the drone to have a more steady flight (great for recording videos!). The drone has trajectory flight meaning you can draw a path on your phone’s screen that the drone will automatically follow as it hovers through the air. The drone even has voice command! You can say different keywords that will automatically make the drone do a certain thing (Up/Down, Forward/Backward, Turn Left/Right, Sideward Flight). The drone also has fancy LED lights built into it to make spotting the drone at night very simple. This drone has so many unique abilities!

CONTROLLER: The controller for the drone has several buttons, which you can easily learn how to use and master through the drone’s detailed instruction guide. There is a button on the controller which will make the drone automatically hover into the air, and then carefully hover back down until it lands safely (I found this the most interesting thing about the drone). Linking a connection between the drone and the controller is very simple. All it takes is a very easy movement of the joysticks up and down, and they’re linked! From here, using the instruction guide is pretty much necessary because learning the different controls is pretty important. Once you have them down pretty well, this drone is so much fun to fly and use! It is a very epic experience!

A huge thank you to Matthew Kenney from Drone-Clone Xperts for giving me the opportunity to receive and test this drone!

Utopia 360°VR Headset by Jess

For the month of March, I tried the Utopia 360° virtual reality 3D headset. This is a product that I purchased independently due to the lack of feedback from other companies. This product is something that I have mixed feelings about, and I will express all of those feelings in this review. For each category, with categories including packaging, instructions, personal experience, practical use, and pros and cons, I will rate the category with either “yay” (meaning very good), “boo” (meaning very bad), or “narf” (meaning neutral). I hope that this review is helpful to you. Now let’s get on with the show!

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JLab Metal Bluetooh Rugged Earbuds by Hannah

I love music. I like taking my tunes with me wherever I go, so I ALWAYS have a pair of headphones with me. When you’re always on the move, you need a good pair of headphones that have good sound and block out noise from your busy life, a long battery life for when you’re traveling, and a strong, durable build. The Metal Bluetooth Rugged Earbuds, by JLab Audio, are made for the person with an always-on-the-go life. They are compatible with any Apple or Android device that works with Bluetooth and are perfect for when you’re doing chores around the house, running errands, working out at the gym, traveling, or engaging in many other activities. They are designed with an active lifestyle in mind, as you can tell from JLab’s motto: “#FINDYOURGO.” The earbuds have several features that make them ideal for anything you do and anywhere you go.

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