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The product I am reviewing this month is Quibits toys. I would like to say a quick thank you to this company for sending me not only one kit, but three. I have really enjoyed trying these out, so thank you for donating. The areas I will be focusing on are packaging, instructions, review of my first time using them, some uses of the product, and the pros and cons that come with it. Just as a disclaimer, my opinions are in no way going to be the same as somebody elses. But, I do hope that my opinions will help anyone who is considering a purchase of this product or is just curious as to what it is about.

First, the packaging is what I will be focusing on. Although I do not have a picture of the packaging, they came in a manilla envelope. The envelope was actually ripped when I received the product, but that was probably just the mail system that caused that. They were all very neatly packaged, and the removal of the product from the packaging was not difficult. Inside of the plastic bags they came in, everything was neatly sorted, and I had no issues finding any of the contents of the product. So, overall, I would probably give the packaging a 9/10. Not bad. Let’s move on to the instructions.

Each of the kits that I received came with the same instruction page.        :

Now, I am not sure if i am just stupid, or if I didn’t understand correctly, but I found these “instructions” to be kind of unhelpful and honestly useless. I did not look at the paper much at all. It did not give written out instructions. It just shows illustrations of things you can do with the toys.l think that a possible reason for this is because it is a construction toy, and you are supposed to use your imagination and create things on your own. One thing that is included in this picture is a picture of a bike that you can make. Unfortunately it was both too complicated and it involved more pieces than I received. It would have been helpful to have a more written out instruction page, but I will say that eventually, you kind of get a knack for it. So, based on my personal inpressions, I would have to give the instructions a 3/10. Let’s try to move back up by discussing my first time using the product.

The first time I used this product, I was quite frustrated. This is to be expected since I did not

have great guidance with the instruction book. But after an entire period of class, I managed to kind of get the hang of things.

This is not a difficult product to use. The thing I struggled with was making the pieces fit the way that I wanted them to. Other than that, I really had alot of fun playing with them. This is a good concept for a toy because the creation possibilites are nearly endless. This contributing factor will ensure that the toy will not become boring too quickly for the child, student, or even maybe adult who is messing around with the toys. I would give my first time use an 8/10. Moving back up. Now, I will discuss uses for this product.

When thinking about the way you can use this product, alot comes to mind. You could use this as a toy, or maybe even give it a practical use. I am not quite sure what that would be, but I am sure it is possible. What I am trying to get at is that this is an educational product, and it is meant to be fun, and I think that that speaks for itself.

Lastly, pros and cons. One of the main things that comes to mind as a pro would be that this toy isn’t geared towards one specific age group. Anyone can build with these sets and have fun. So that is something that is a great quality to have. One con is that it is difficult to figure out how to connect the pieces so that it looks even in the end. Other than that, I do not really have any cons. One final pro is that this product provides long periods of entertainment which is beneficial for parents with children. Overall, there’s no major cons.

So, what do I think? Overall, I liked this product. It did have its downfalls, but so does every product. I would give this product a 7/10 overall. Again, I want to say thank you to Quibits for sending me this product. I can’t wait to use this product in the future!

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