Gravity Maze Review – Nathan

Ten tower, three marbles, sixty cards and one dish are what the maze consists of. The towers are all different heights and at the end of each, a connecter is attached so you aren’t limited to how high you can build… that is, until you run out of towers. The towers are different colors as well so that when you read your instruction card, you know what towers to use. Along each lateral edge of the towers, dots are located so that once you have completed the maze, you can see if you put it together properly. Each level of the tower has a different orientation, so however you put the tower on the plate, that will change which direction the ball is going. A small red tower is the destination for your marble run. The sixty cards mean sixty levels of the game. On the back of each card is the solution for how to solve the maze level.  Each card has a skill level. There are four skill levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert.

The components are top notch, with all the towers and game board being made of plastic. The marbles are made of metal and because three come in a package, you don’t have to worry too much about losing them all. The storage for the Gravity maze is also quite simple because all the components have a special place that is the perfect size for them. Everything fits nicely in the box and clean up or set up is fast and easy. Thanks to the design of the maze, you aren’t limited to what you can do. If you have completed all sixty of the game cards, you can go on to create your own maze to make it even more challenging.

If you enjoy solving puzzles and constructing mazes and marble runs, then Gravity Maze is the game for you. For anyone looking for a entertaining and challenging single player game, Gravity Maze is certainly worth checking out. Because ThinkFun is a world leader in addictive games, they offer hundreds of options for fun games if the maze is not for you.

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