The History Of
Northumberland Christian School NCS Location from 1972-2006

Forty years ago there were very few Christian schools in our area, and that was typical of our country in general. Many Christians had not even considered the possibility. The First Regular Baptist Church of Northumberland and their pastor, Robert Blaylock, certainly had no plans of starting a Christian school when they completed their new educational wing for additional Sunday School space. Then the church invited a guest speaker, Pastor Walter Chantry from Grace Baptist Church in Carlisle, PA, who happened to mention to Pastor Blaylock, "Have you ever considered starting a Christian school?" The seed was sown. Subsequent contact with Donald Howard and his newly formed organization called "Accelerated Christian Education" watered that seed, and N.C.S. was soon to appear.

Northumberland Christian School began in September of 1972 as one of the two A.C.E. schools in the state and one of only 18 in the country. Mrs. Gayle Fox was the teacher, with 16 students in grades 2-8. She helped A.C.E. write some of their English curriculum. Pastor Blaylock was the principal of the school and functioned as an area representative for A.C.E. He traveled throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware, speaking in churches to present the need for Christian schools, and then helping those who decided to start A.C.E. schools. Within the next few years, schools were started in Allentown, Harrisburg, Hanover, Watsontown, Kreamer, Sunbury, Bloomsburg, and Paxinos, along with hundreds of schools around the country.

N.C.S. begins with 16 students, grades 2-8; Gayle Fox, teacher; Pastor Blaylock, principal

45 students

84 students; John Rees comes to be the principal and teacher of the high school; Gayle Fox continues grades 2-6; Patti Crawford and Valerie Scott become the first kindergarten students who will eventually complete all thirteen grades at N.C.S.

Expansion to four classrooms

First N.C.S. graduating class - 6 students; Julie Thomas and Marianne Fox write the words for the N.C.S. Alma Mater for the first commencement service.

Expansion to six classrooms - discontinue A.C.E. - change to conventional classes

First NCS alumnus returns to teach, Marianne Fox; first lockers added to school; first darkroom; change to NIV

Enrollment reaches 100 students; concrete floor added to main room; first computers (5 VIC 20's)

Second and third grade separated

Annex is constructed; first bus is purchased

Auditorium receives new pews and classroom

Fourth grade receives separate classroom

Enrollment for year exceeds 200; Word for Word books published

New soccer field

Classroom added at 223 Queen St.

Classroom added at 221 Queen St.

Parents' Council established

NCS establishes a presence on the web

Gretchen Brosius begins the NCS Preschool program.

FBLA chapter started

New Kindergarten & Preschool building added

5th and 6th grades get separate rooms for the entire day

NCS purchases the Old Rea & Derrick Warehouse on 5th Street and begins rennovations

NCS moves to new building on 5th Street. A School Board is formed to oversee the finances and facilities of NCS.

NCS holds the Warrior Walk for the first time with the donations going to a new fenced-in playground.

Our first ever gymnasium is built at 5th Street and commencement is held in the new gym.

NCS ends the year with remote learning as the PA governor closes all school buildings in the state in response to Covid-19. Commencement is held in the parking lot of Emmanuel Bible Fellowship Church.

Most students return to the building for in-person education, while a few students choose the option of distance learning. NCS provides chromebooks for all 7-12 students and for any elementary students who require one for distance learning.

280 students K-12. Over 300 students Preschool-12. All students return to in-person education. Jeremiah Bennett becomes the 3rd Principal in the history of NCS. Pastor Rees finally earns a promotion to a new role of NCS Administrator after 47 years as Principal.

More details can be found by viewing past yearbooks.

Northumberland Christian School
was founded in 1972 to provide a
God-centered education that
stimulates in the students a
passion for excellence in
learning, service and worship.

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