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Northumberland Christian School is committed to...

... a God-centered approach to education. We embrace a Biblical world and life view and seek to teach students to think about all of life based on the truth which God has revealed.

... discipleship as an essential part of the Christian life. We teach Jesus Christ as Lord and seek to lift the vision of each student to bow to His authority in every aspect of life.

The 4th grade girls sing Bach's Cantata #4

... worship as central to all of life. We teach students that the most important thing in life is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever. Music is used extensively in worship and to fix God's Word in our hearts and minds.

... a broad education that embraces ideas and truths as well as skills. We offer courses in history, science, literature, languages, and the arts in order to develop students of character who think deeply about life.

... pursuing excellence in acquiring skills for continued learning and service in God's world. We challenge students to develop math, science, language, and computer skills which will equip them to be used by God in the world in which they live.

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In need of bussing? These districts are required by law to bus students who live in their district to Northumberland Christian School.

Application Information

  • Kindergarten students are tested in early March for the coming year

  • Financial Aid Applications are due by March 31st for the coming year

  • There is no deadline for applications, but some classes have limited space

Call the office at 570-473-9786 for more information or to schedule an appointment


  "Northumberland Christian School prepared me for every facet of my college experience. Not only did I receive a well-rounded education and an appreciation for music, but I also developed meaningful relationships with my teachers due to the small class sizes. More than anything though, NCS has helped me to grow in my faith and has left me with an invaluable knowledge of scripture through song and memorization. In my experience, NCS has succeeded in producing culturally literate people who thrive in the real world, and I would enthusiastically recommend the school to anyone."

Lindsey Bingaman
NCS Class of '04
Communications Major at Messiah College

Northumberland Christian School
was founded in 1972 to provide a
God-centered education that
stimulates in the students a
passion for excellence in
learning, service and worship.

351 5th Street
Northumberland, PA 17857
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