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COVID information for sports families
Posted: 6/26/2020

NCS Athletics Guidelines For Covid-19
COVID Update For School Families
Posted: 6/26/2020
Dear school families,

Thank you for all your prayers and support during these unusual days. Commencement turned out to be a wonderful time of worship and celebration of God's goodness to our seniors and to all of us. If you did not get a chance to watch the livestream, I would encourage you to go to and watch some of it. What a blessing it was to hear the graduation speeches of these 18 students, and to worship with them leading the singing! We were able to use music from the recording of the last chapel of the year, when we had invited the seniors to attend. It was a precious time, and we had no idea it would provide the foundation of the worship at commencement. Amidst all the uncertainties which surround us, we have been reminded often that we have a God in whom we can trust, because He is good and He is in control! He loves us so much that He sent His precious Son to live and die in our place, and that this precious Son of God now sits on the throne.

I also want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to staff and students and parents for working so hard to make the last quarter of the year a time of continued learning and encouragement. But IT IS OUR GOAL, AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, TO RETURN TO SCHOOL AS NORMAL AT THE END OF AUGUST. We will do what we can to follow the guidelines set out by the government. We are also mindful that the decisions made by the school districts around us will have some effect upon us, especially if they affect the transportation provided for many of you by these districts. If any of the changes that may occur should affect your ability to send your children to NCS, we will certainly refund any tuition you have already paid for the coming school year (except for the non-refundable registration and curriculum fee). However, our prayer is that all 260 students who are currently enrolled for the fall will be here, along with a few new students as well. There are already a few grades that have reached their maximum capacity for the coming year. God has been SO good to us, and we give Him all the praise for His work at NCS for these 48 years! To Him be all the glory!

By His Grace,
Pastor Rees

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