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SeasonSportLeague RecordLeague FinishOverall RecordOverall Finish
2023-2024Girls BASKETBALL4-43rd ACAA Eastern Division14-143rd ACAA Tournament
2023-2024Boys BASKETBALL9-12nd ACAA Eastern Division21-81st ACAA Tournament
2023Girls SOCCER5-74th ACAA Eastern Division6-9-1
2023Boys SOCCER10-01st ACAA Eastern Division17-4-11st ACAA Tournament
2022-2023Girls BASKETBALL5-22nd ACAA Eastern Division16-102md ACAA Tournament
2022-2023Boys BASKETBALL8-01st ACAA Eastern Division22-72nd ACAA Tournament
2022Girls SOCCER4-43rd ACAA Eastern Division10-113rd ACAA Tournament
2022Boys SOCCER10-01st ACAA Eastern Division21-31st ACAA Tournament
2021-2022Girls BASKETBALL7-01st ACAA Eastern Division27-31st ACAA Tournament
2021-2022Boys BASKETBALL8-01st ACAA Eastern Division21-61st ACAA Tournament
2021Girls SOCCER8-01st ACAA Eastern Division15-4-11st ACAA Tournament
2021Boys SOCCER7-11st ACAA Eastern Division18-42nd ACAA Tournament
2020-2021Girls BASKETBALL7-01st ACAA Eastern Division22-41st ACAA Tournament
2020-2021Boys BASKETBALL7-01st ACAA Eastern Division17-91st ACAA Tournament
2020Girls SOCCER6-0-11st ACAA Eastern Division18-2-11st ACAA Tournament
2020Boys SOCCER8-0-21st ACAA Eastern Division17-4-21st ACAA Tournament
2019-2020Girls BASKETBALL8-01st ACAA Eastern Division25-41st ACAA Tournament
2019-2020Boys BASKETBALL11-01st ACAA Eastern Division19-91st ACAA Tournament
2019Girls SOCCER8-01st ACAA Eastern Division21-31st ACAA Tournament
2019Boys SOCCER9-0-11st ACAA Eastern Division20-4-22nd ACAA Tournament
2018-2019Girls BASKETBALL9-01st ACAA Eastern Division25-31st ACAA Tournament
2018-2019Boys BASKETBALL11-01st ACAA Eastern Division19-51st ACAA Tournament
2018Girls SOCCER11-11st ACAA Eastern Division20-11st ACAA Tournament
2018Boys SOCCER8-2-22nd ACAA Eastern Division15-7-23rd ACAA Tournament
2017-2018Girls BASKETBALL8-01st ACAA Eastern Division20-81st ACAA Tournament
2017-2018Boys BASKETBALL10-22nd ACAA Eastern Division24-51st ACAA Tournament
2017Girls SOCCER8-01st ACAA Eastern Division15-22nd ACAA Tournament
2017Boys SOCCER8-0-21st ACAA Eastern Division20-2-22nd ACAA Tournament
2016-2017Girls BASKETBALL11-11st ACAA Eastern Division25-51st ACAA Tournament
2016-2017Boys BASKETBALL10-21st ACAA Eastern Division21-82nd ACAA Tournament
2016Girls SOCCER8-1-12nd ACAA Eastern Division22-1-11st ACAA Tournament
2016Boys SOCCER11-11st ACAA Eastern Division19-52nd ACAA Tournament
2015-2016Girls BASKETBALL10-22nd ACAA Eastern Division15-92nd ACAA Tournament
2015-2016Boys BASKETBALL9-32nd ACAA Eastern Division12-134th ACAA Tournament
2015Girls SOCCER9-11st ACAA Eastern Division19-42nd ACAA Tournament
2015Boys SOCCER11-0-11st ACAA Eastern Division21-1-11st ACAA Tournament
2014-2015Girls BASKETBALL8-43rd ACAA Eastern Division15-94th ACAA Tournament
2014-2015Boys BASKETBALL8-43rd ACAA Eastern Division19-93rd ACAA Tournament
2014Girls SOCCER9-32nd ACAA Eastern Division17-72nd ACAA Tournament
2014Boys SOCCER11-11st ACAA Eastern Division21-22nd ACAA Tournament
2013-2014Girls BASKETBALL10-43rd ACAA Eastern Division19-85th ACAA Tournament
2013-2014Boys BASKETBALL8-65th ACAA Eastern Division8-14
2013Girls SOCCER10-0-21st ACAA Eastern Division19-2-22nd ACAA Tournament
2013Boys SOCCER10-22nd ACAA Eastern Division17-52nd ACAA Tournament
2012-2013Girls BASKETBALL7-63rd ACAA Eastern Division17-113rd ACAA Tournament
2012-2013Boys BASKETBALL7-74th ACAA Eastern Division11-18
2012Girls SOCCER10-22nd ACAA Eastern Division21-52nd ACAA Tournament
2012Boys SOCCER13-11st ACAA Eastern Division22-3-11st ACAA Tournament
2011-2012Girls BASKETBALL8-43rd ACAA Eastern Division20-124th ACAA Tournament
2011-2012Boys BASKETBALL14-01st ACAA Eastern Division25-62nd ACAA Tournament
2011Girls SOCCER8-0-21st ACAA Eastern Division21-0-21st ACAA Tournament
2011Boys SOCCER6-1-32nd ACAA Eastern Division13-7-43rd ACAA Tournament
2010-2011Girls BASKETBALL12-22nd ACAA Eastern Division26-101st ACAA Tournament
2010-2011Boys BASKETBALL12-22nd ACAA Eastern Division21-93rd ACAA Tournament
2010Girls SOCCER10-01st ACAA Eastern Division22-11st ACAA Touranment
2010Boys SOCCER2-4-24th ACAA Eastern Division10-8-2
2009-2010Girls BASKETBALL6-43rd ACAA Eastern Division18-113rd ACAA Tournament
2009-2010Boys BASKETBALL9-11st ACAA Eastern Division20-43rd ACAA Tournament
2009Girls SOCCER7-0-11st ACAA Eastern Division20-3-11st ACAA Tournament
2009Boys SOCCER3-3-23rd ACAA Eastern Division12-7-23rd ACAA Tournament
2008-2009Girls BASKETBALL11-11st ACAA Eastern Division22-61st ACAA Tournament
2008-2009Boys BASKETBALL8-22nd ACAA Eastern Division16-102nd ACAA Tournament
2008Girls SOCCER10-01st ACAA Eastern Division21-21st ACAA Tournament
2008Boys SOCCER7-2-12nd ACAA Eastern Division14-9-34th ACAA Tournament
2007-2008Girls BASKETBALL11-11st ACAA Eastern Division24-52nd ACAA Tournament
2007-2008Boys BASKETBALL9-11st ACAA Eastern Division19-83rd ACAA Tournament
2007Girls SOCCER9-11st ACAA Eastern Division19-33rd ACAA Tournament
2007Boys SOCCER9-11st ACAA Eastern Division20-31st ACAA Tournament
2006-2007Girls BASKETBALL12-01st ACAA Eastern Division26-63rd ACAA Tournament
2006-2007Boys BASKETBALL10-22nd ACAA Eastern Division21-123rd ACAA Tournament
2006Girls SOCCER11-11st ACAA Eastern Division18-2-11st ACAA Tournament
2006Boys SOCCER10-1-12nd ACAA Eastern Division17-4-12nd ACAA Tournament
2005-2006Girls BASKETBALL11-11st ACAA Eastern Division17-84th ACAA Tournament
2005-2006Boys BASKETBALL10-22nd ACAA Eastern Division17-122nd ACAA Tournament
2005Girls SOCCER7-53rd ACAA Eastern Division12-8-13rd ACAA Tournament
2005Boys SOCCER8-22nd ACAA Eastern Division16-42nd ACAA Tournament
2004-2005Girls BASKETBALL4-22nd ACAA Central Division17-93rd ACAA Tournament
2004-2005Boys BASKETBALL4-22nd ACAA Central Division24-122nd ACAA Tournament
2004Girls SOCCER7-11st ACAA Central Division20-22nd ACAA Tournament
2004Boys SOCCER6-22nd ACAA Central Division17-5-13rd ACAA Tournament
2003-2004Girls BASKETBALL6-22nd ACAA Central Division23-35th ACAA Tournament
2003-2004Boys BASKETBALL9-32nd ACAA Central Division23-61st ACAA Tournament
2003Girls SOCCER6-32nd ACAA Central Division16-72nd ACAA Tournament
2003Boys SOCCER4-43rd ACAA Central Division13-5
2002-2003Girls BASKETBALL3-53rd ACAA Central Division9-9
2002-2003Boys BASKETBALL5-32nd ACAA Central Division10-9
2002Girls SOCCER3-53rd ACAA Central Division10-6
2002Boys SOCCER5-32nd ACAA Central Division11-63rd ACAA Tournament
2001-2002Girls BASKETBALL5-95th ACAA Eastern Division9-13
2001-2002Boys BASKETBALL16-22nd ACAA Eastern Division20-63rd ACAA Tournament
2001Girls SOCCER5-74th ACAA Eastern Division5-11
2001Boys SOCCER11-2-12nd ACAA Eastern Division14-4-14th ACAA Tournament
2000-2001Girls BASKETBALL8-22nd ACAA Eastern Division21-62nd ACAA Tournament
2000-2001Boys BASKETBALL8-43rd ACAA Eastern Division19-7
2000Girls SOCCER7-54th ACAA Eastern Division7-7
2000Boys SOCCER10-43rd ACAA Eastern Division12-4
1999-2000Girls BASKETBALL8-53rd ACAA Eastern Division14-10
1999-2000Boys BASKETBALL13-32nd ACAA Eastern Division19-92nd ACAA Tournament
1999Girls SOCCER6-6-13rd ACAA Eastern Division8-6-2
1999Boys SOCCER5-3-33rd ACAA Eastern Division8-3-4
1998-1999Girls BASKETBALL12-32nd ACAA Eastern Division19-93rd ACAA Tournament
1998-1999Boys BASKETBALL8-64th ACAA Eastern Division13-11
1998Girls SOCCER2-6-23rd ACAA Eastern Division5-11-3
1998Boys SOCCER3-6-13rd ACAA Eastern Division6-9-1
1997-1998Girls BASKETBALL7-33rd ACAA Eastern Division15-14
1997-1998Boys BASKETBALL3-74th ACAA Eastern Division9-19
1997Girls SOCCER5-53rd ACAA Eastern Division10-7-2
1997Boys SOCCER3-6-14th ACAA Eastern Division9-9-2
1996-1997Girls BASKETBALL5-54th ACAA Eastern Division14-11
1996-1997Boys BASKETBALL6-64th ACAA Eastern Division12-12
1996Girls SOCCER4-3-13rd ACAA Eastern Division10-4-1
1996Boys SOCCER3-3-13rd ACAA Eastern Division6-5-2
1995-1996Girls BASKETBALL1-74th ACAA Northern Division10-14
1995-1996Boys BASKETBALL5-32nd ACAA Northern Division12-142nd ACAA Tournament
1995Girls SOCCER5-3-13rd ACAA Northern Division11-6-1
1995Boys SOCCER6-1-12nd ACAA Northern Division14-4-13rd ACAA Tournament
1994-1995Girls BASKETBALL8-01st ACAA Northern Division25-52nd ACAA Tournament
1994-1995Boys BASKETBALL7-11st ACAA Northern Division22-81st ACAA Tournament
1994Girls SOCCER6-32nd ACAA Northern Division15-4-13rd ACAA Tournament
1994Boys SOCCER7-11st ACAA Northern Division15-23rd ACAA Tournament
1993-1994Girls BASKETBALL6-22nd ACAA Northern Division14-52nd ACAA Tournament
1993-1994Boys BASKETBALL6-33rd ACAA Northern Division12-10
1993Girls SOCCER6-0-31st ACAA Northern Division10-3-32nd ACAA Tournament
1993Boys SOCCER10-01st ACAA Northern Division14-22nd ACAA Tournament
1992-1993Girls BASKETBALL6-22nd ACAA Northern Division17-52nd ACAA Tournament
1992-1993Boys BASKETBALL8-11st ACAA Northern Division17-94th ACAA Tournament
1992Girls SOCCER7-0-11st ACAA Northern Division11-4-22nd ACAA Tournament
1992Boys SOCCER5-2-12nd ACAA Northern Division8-7-24th ACAA Tournament
1991-1992Girls BASKETBALL4-43rd ACAA Northern Division6-11
1991-1992Boys BASKETBALL7-11st ACAA Northern Division14-53rd ACAA Tournament
1991Girls SOCCER6-1-12nd ACAA Northern Division8-9-14th ACAA Tournament
1991Boys SOCCER6-1-12nd ACAA Northern Division12-4-14th ACAA Tournament
1990-1991Girls BASKETBALL4-43rd ACAA Northern Division10-7
1990-1991Boys BASKETBALL10-01st ACAA Northern Division18-52nd ACAA Tournament
1990Girls SOCCER5-53rd ACAA Northern Division7-9
1990Boys SOCCER8-22nd ACAA Northern Division14-21st ACAA Tournament
1989-1990Girls BASKETBALL6-42nd ACAA Northern Division10-8
1989-1990Boys BASKETBALL9-11st ACAA Northern Division17-22nd ACAA Tournament
1989Girls SOCCER1-74th ACAA Northern Division4-7
1989Boys SOCCER4-43rd ACAA Northern Division7-4
1988-1989Girls BASKETBALL5-53rd ACAA Northern Division11-8
1988-1989Boys BASKETBALL7-32nd ACAA Northern Division15-72nd ACAA Tournament
1988Girls SOCCER6-43rd ACAA Northern Division10-4
1988Boys SOCCER4-5-14th ACAA Northern Division7-5-2
1987-1988Girls BASKETBALL1-95th ACAA Northern Division3-12
1987-1988Boys BASKETBALL4-64th ACAA Northern Division8-9
1987Girls SOCCER6-2-22nd ACAA Northern Division10-3-23rd ACAA Tournament
1987Boys SOCCER3-6-14th ACAA Northern Division5-7-2
1986-1987Girls BASKETBALL3-74th ACAA Northern Division4-11
1986-1987Boys BASKETBALL9-11st ACAA Northern Division13-53rd ACAA Tournament
1986Girls SOCCER5-53rd ACAA Northern Division6-5
1986Boys SOCCER10-01st ACAA Northern Division14-11st ACAA Tournament
1985-1986Boys BASKETBALL2-64th SVCAL4-7
1985Girls SOCCER3-11st SVCAL4-4
1985Boys SOCCER2-5-14th SVCAL4-7-1
1984-1985Girls BASKETBALL5-11st SVCAL7-1
1984-1985Boys BASKETBALL1-53rd SVCAL1-7
1984Girls SOCCER5-11st SVCAL7-2
1984Boys SOCCER1-6-24th SVCAL1-7-2
1983-1984Girls BASKETBALL5-11st SVCAL7-2
1983-1984Boys BASKETBALL4-32nd SVCAL6-5
1983Girls SOCCER3-11st SVCAL6-2
1983Boys SOCCER4-43rd SVCAL5-6-1
1982-1983Girls BASKETBALL1-32nd SVCAL3-4
1982-1983Boys BASKETBALL0-64th SVCAL0-9
1982Girls SOCCER1-1-22nd SVCAL3-1-2
1982Boys SOCCER2-2-22nd SVCAL5-2-2
1981-1982Girls BASKETBALL4-22nd SVCAL4-5
1981-1982Boys BASKETBALL2-43rd SVCAL6-4
1981Boys SOCCER9-1-22nd SVCAL11-2-2
1980-1981Girls BASKETBALL2-64th SVCAL4-7
1980-1981Boys BASKETBALL7-32nd SVCAL7-4
1980Girls SOCCER2-3-13rd SVCAL2-6-2
1980Boys SOCCER5-3-13rd SVCAL6-6-1
1979-1980Girls BASKETBALL0-54th SVCAL0-8
1979-1980Boys BASKETBALL7-01st SVCAL13-01st SVCAL Tournament
1979Girls SOCCER3-32nd SVCAL4-4-1
1979Boys SOCCER6-22nd SVCAL8-2
1978-1979Boys BASKETBALL-7-2
1978Girls SOCCER-4-3-1
1978Boys SOCCER-4-2-1

Overall Record: 2492 - 1133 - 87
League Record: 1205 - 459 - 59
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