2019-2020 Season Results

12/135:00PMHomeColumbia County Christian School (8th)W 37‑15
01/026:00PMHomeSaint John Neumann High School (7th)W 37‑11
01/027:00PMHomeSaint John Neumann High School (8th)W 42‑34
01/096:15PMAwayWilliamsport Christian School (8th)W 47‑18
01/103:00PMAwayMeadowbrook Christian School (7th)W 29‑3
01/105:00PMAwayMeadowbrook Christian School (8th)W 34‑17
01/135:00PMAwayMeadowbrook Christian School (7th)W 29‑14
01/144:30PMAwayMidd-West High School (7th)W 26‑11
01/145:30PMAwayMidd-West High School (8th)L 23‑36
01/175:00PMHomeBelleville Mennonite School (8th)W 18‑16
01/204:30PMHomeMontgomery Area High School (7th)W 27‑15
01/205:30PMHomeMontgomery Area High School (8th)W 34‑12
01/215:00PMHomeJuniata Mennonite School (8th)W 41‑14
01/276:00PMAwayBenton Area Jr High School (7th)W 31‑18
01/277:00PMAwayBenton Area Jr High School (8th)L 32‑35
01/285:00PMAwayColumbia County Christian School (7th)W 38‑25
01/306:00PMAwaySaint John Neumann High School (7th)W 36‑7
01/307:00PMAwaySaint John Neumann High School (8th)W 35‑18
01/315:00PMAwayBelleville Mennonite School (8th)W 27‑25
02/0111:00AMAwayMontgomery Area High School (7th)W 35‑26
02/0112:00PMAwayMontgomery Area High School (8th)W 30‑24
02/044:30PMHomeMidd-West High School (7th)W 28‑27
02/045:30PMHomeMidd-West High School (8th)W 31‑27
02/064:00PMAwayLine Mountain High School (7th)W 39‑25
02/065:00PMAwayLine Mountain High School (8th)L 32‑33
02/105:00PMHomeBloomsburg Christian School (8th)W 42‑16
02/115:00PMHomeMeadowbrook Christian School (8th)W 35‑21
02/136:30PMHomeGillingham Charter School (7th & 8th)W 44‑23
02/145:00PMAwayJuniata Mennonite School (8th)W 46‑16

Season Record: 26 - 3

League Record: 10 - 0

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