2018-2019 Basketball Season Schedule

 DayDateOpponentPlaceJH GirlsJV GirlsJH BoysJV BoysGirlsBoys
Tue11/27Bloomsburg Christian SchoolAwayW 46‑25
Tue11/27St John Neumann Regional AcademyAwayL 17‑18
Tue11/27St John Neumann Regional AcademyAwayL 22‑50
Thu11/29Shik Spurs (7th)HomeW 36‑33
Tue12/04Benton Junior High SchoolAwayL 18‑22
Fri12/07St John Neumann Regional AcademyHomeL 10‑39
Fri12/07St John Neumann Regional AcademyHomeL 14‑19
Fri12/07UDA Tournament vs Schuylkill Haven High SchoolAwayL 47‑78
Fri12/07UDA Tournament vs Upper Dauphin Area High SchoolAwayW 61‑48
Sat12/08UDA Tournament vs Lourdes Regional SchoolAwayL 31‑39
Sat12/08UDA Tournament vs Upper Dauphin Area High SchoolAwayL 51‑55
Mon12/10Midd-West High SchoolHomeW 40‑31L 46‑51
Tue12/11Sunbury Christian AcademyHomeW 66‑21W 68‑29
Thu12/13Central Mountain Junior High SchoolHomeW 24‑22
Thu12/13Justice Works Youth Care (8th)HomeL 42‑48
Thu12/13Millville High SchoolAwayL 31‑53W 39‑27
Fri12/14Nativity BVMHomeL 30‑39L 47‑52
Fri12/14Weatherly High SchoolAwayL 67‑77
Mon12/17Central Mountain Junior High SchoolAwayL 12‑50
Mon12/17St John Neumann Regional AcademyAwayW 35‑15W 53‑26
Tue12/18Columbia County Christian SchoolHomeW 62‑13W 91‑55
Tue12/18Columbia County Christian School (8th)HomeW 50‑11
Fri12/21New Covenant AcademyAwayW 1‑0
Fri12/21St John Neumann Regional Academy (7th)AwayL 10‑14
Fri12/21St John Neumann Regional Academy (8th)AwayW 44‑43
Sat12/22East Juniata High SchoolHomeL 72‑81
Fri12/28Weatherly Tournament vs Mount Carmel High SchoolAwayL 35‑36
Sat12/29Weatherly Tournament vs Schuylkill Haven High SchoolAwayW 65‑15
Thu01/03Belleville Mennonite SchoolAwayL 10‑22W 61‑6W 80‑60
Thu01/03Belleville Mennonite School (8th)AwayW 46‑10
Fri01/04Grace Prep High SchoolHomeW 66‑18W 70‑50
Sat01/05Warrior Run Junior High (7th)HomeW 23‑17
Sat01/05Warrior Run Junior High (8th)HomeW 50‑34
Mon01/07St John Neumann Regional AcademyHomeW 33‑16W 51‑14
Tue01/08Midd-West Junior High School (7th)HomeL 20‑33
Tue01/08Midd-West Junior High School (8th)HomeL 28‑34
Tue01/08Walnut St Christian SchoolHomeW 50‑10W 71‑51
Thu01/10Immanuel Christian SchoolHomeW 66‑18
Thu01/10Immanuel Christian School (8th)HomeW 62‑60
Fri01/11Juniata Mennonite SchoolAwayL 8‑17W 59‑14W 52‑45
Fri01/11Juniata Mennonite School (8th)AwayW 40‑15
Sat01/12Montgomery Area Junior High (7th)HomeL 23‑25
Sat01/12Montgomery Area Junior High (8th)HomeW 46‑22
Sat01/12Shalom Christian AcademyHomeW 59‑54W 52‑29
Mon01/14Bucktail High SchoolHomeW 36‑6W 69‑30
Tue01/15Meadowbrook Christian SchoolHomeL 12‑36W 49‑19W 70‑34
Tue01/15Meadowbrook Christian School (7th)HomeW 47‑8
Tue01/15Meadowbrook Christian School (8th)HomeW 46‑24
Thu01/17Bucktail Area High SchoolAwayW 76‑34
Thu01/17Bucktail Area Junior High School (8th)AwayW 62‑23
Thu01/17Gillingham Charter School (7th)HomeW 39‑12
Thu01/17Grier SchoolAwayW 44‑31
Fri01/18Sunbury Christian AcademyAwayW 71‑13W 69‑16
Mon01/21Benton Area High SchoolHomeW 86‑39
Mon01/21Benton High SchoolAwayL 29‑35W 55‑46
Tue01/22Gillingham Charter School (7th)AwayW 40‑8
Thu01/24Belleville Mennonite SchoolHomeL 11‑20W 64‑51W 60‑10
Thu01/24Belleville Mennonite School (8th)HomeW 50‑37
Fri01/25Columbia County Christian SchoolAwayW 69‑22W 62‑56
Fri01/25Columbia County Christian School (7th)AwayW 28‑17
Sat01/26Montgomery Area High School (7th)AwayW 33‑18
Sat01/26Montgomery Area High School (8th)AwayW 47‑32
Mon01/28Bloomsburg Christian SchoolHomeW 47‑30W 76‑58
Fri02/01St John Neumann Regional Academy (7th)HomeW 35‑20
Fri02/01St John Neumann Regional Academy (8th)HomeW 58‑42
Fri02/01Walnut St Christian SchoolAwayW 59‑16W 64‑43
Sat02/02Benton Junior High School (7th)HomeW 42‑20
Sat02/02Benton Junior High School (8th)HomeW 48‑13
Mon02/04Line Mountain Jr. High (7th)HomeL 36‑45
Mon02/04Line Mountain Jr. High (8th)HomeW 68‑29
Tue02/05Midd-West Junior High School (7th)Away4:30PM
Tue02/05Midd-West Junior High School (8th)AwayW 40‑35
Tue02/05New Covenant AcademyHomeL 23‑28W 79‑41
Thu02/07Immanuel Christian SchoolAway6:00PM
Thu02/07Immanuel Christian School (8th)Away7:30PM
Fri02/08Meadowbrook Christian SchoolAway4:00PMW 65‑20W 54‑32
Fri02/08Meadowbrook Christian School (7th)AwayW 51‑6
Fri02/08Meadowbrook Christian School (8th)AwayW 52‑13
Wed02/13Juniata Mennonite SchoolHomeW 62‑32
Thu02/14Canton Area High SchoolHomeW 54‑52
Fri02/15ACAA Tournament - Juniata MennoniteAwayW 41‑18
Fri02/15ACAA Tournament - Meadowbrook ChristianAwayW 82‑52
Sat02/16ACAA Tournament - Blair County ChristianAwayW 69‑29
Sat02/16ACAA Tournament - Meadowbrook ChristianAwayW 58‑34
Thu02/28NCSAA Nationals - Cumberland Valley Christian SchoolAwayW 71‑29
Fri03/01NCSAA Nationals - Rochester RapidsAwayW 76‑42
Sat03/02NCSAA Nationals - Calvary Christian Academy (MD)AwayW 63‑61

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