2022 Soccer Season Schedule

Thu08/25Meadowbrook Christian SchoolAwayT 2‑2W 5‑1
Sat08/27HHS Tournament - HughesvilleAwayW 6‑2
Sat08/27HHS Tournament - TowandaAwayW 14‑0
Mon08/29Mifflin County Christian SchoolAwayW 9‑4
Tue08/30Danville Area High SchoolAwayL 1‑3L 0‑3
Thu09/01Juniata School DistrictAwayT 2‑2
Thu09/01Juniata School DistrictAwayW 3‑0
Fri09/02Meadowbrook Christian SchoolAwayL 3‑6W 7‑0
Sat09/03FCS Invitational - CCCSAwayL 0‑1
Sat09/03FCS Invitational - FaithAwayW 4‑1
Sat09/03Halifax Kick-Off - HalifaxAwayW 5‑1
Sat09/03Halifax Kick-Off - Williams ValleyAwayL 0‑1
Tue09/06Juniata Christian SchoolHomeW 5‑4L 1‑5L 5‑7W 7‑0
Thu09/08East Juniata High SchoolHomeW 4‑1
Thu09/08East Juniata High SchoolHomeW 1‑0
Thu09/08Shikellamy High SchoolAwayW 2‑0W 5‑2
Fri09/09Blair County Christian SchoolHomeW 9‑1W 9‑0
Fri09/09Our Lady OTCHomeW 9‑0
Sat09/10Mount Carmel Area High SchoolHomeL 0‑3
Mon09/12Millville Area High SchoolAwayW 7‑1W 8‑1
Tue09/13Columbia County Christian SchoolHomeW 4‑2W 10‑0
Thu09/15Bloomsburg Christian SchoolAwayL 0‑1
Fri09/16Belleville Mennonite SchoolAwayW 3‑2L 0‑1W 5‑0
Mon09/19Grace Prep High SchoolAwayW 5‑2W 3‑0
Tue09/20Walnut Street Christian SchoolAwayW 7‑5W 9‑0
Thu09/22Our Lady OTCAwayW 5‑0
Thu09/22Our Lady OTCAwayW 5‑0
Fri09/23Meadowbrook Christian SchoolHome5:00PM3:30PML 1‑5W 7‑1
Sat09/24JH Tournament - Covenant ChristianAwayW 2‑1
Sat09/24JH Tournament - EJAwayW 3‑0
Sat09/24JH Tournament - Juniata ChristianAwayW 2‑1
Sat09/24JH Tournament - Lancaster CountyAwayW 3‑0
Sat09/24JH Tournament - MeadowbrookAwayW 2‑1
Sat09/24JH Tournament - York ChristianAwayW 3‑0
Mon09/26Greenwood High SchoolAwayW 3‑1
Mon09/26Greenwood High SchoolAwayW 3‑1
Tue09/27Juniata Christian SchoolAwayW 3‑2W 7‑1
Thu09/29Centre County Christian AcademyAway3:30PML 2‑6
Thu09/29East Juniata High SchoolAwayL 1‑4
Fri09/30Belleville Mennonite SchoolHomeW 2‑0W 6‑1W 1‑0
Mon10/03Juniata High SchoolHome4:00PM
Tue10/04Columbia County Christian SchoolAway2:00PM3:00PM4:45PM
Fri10/07Saint John NeumannHome3:00PM4:30PM
Sat10/08Southern Columbia Area High SchoolAway3:00PM
Mon10/10Centre County Christian AcademyHome3:00PM4:45PM
Mon10/10Mifflin County Christian AcademyHome3:30PM
Mon10/10Shikellamy High SchoolAway4:00PM
Tue10/11East Juniata High SchoolAway4:00PM
Tue10/11Grace Prep High SchoolHome3:00PM4:45PM
Tue10/11Line Mountain High SchoolAway4:30PM
Thu10/13Greenwood High SchoolHome4:00PM
Thu10/13Greenwood High SchoolHome5:00PM
Thu10/13Mount Calvary Christian SchoolAway5:00PM
Fri10/14Walnut Street Christian SchoolHome3:00PM4:30PM
Mon10/17Juniata Christian SchoolAway4:00PM5:15PM
Tue10/18New Covenant AcademyAway3:00PM4:30PM
Thu10/20ACAA Tournament AwayTBA
Fri10/21ACAA Tournament AwayTBA
Fri10/21ACAA Tournament - SemifinalAway12:30PM
Sat10/22ACAA Tournament AwayTBATBA

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